StartUp Accelerator Programs

startup acceleratorsStart up accelerator programs are popping up in the U.S. and they offer programs focused on industry, but they also support all kinds of business owners. Even though start up accelerator programs have been more focused on some high-tech business, in recent years they serve a wide range of entrepreneurial needs through number of programs facilitating education, mentoring, how to use and access to investors and what are the networking opportunities.

Why are business accelerators good for the start ups? First of all, the potential access to investors is very important, because of the financial matters. However, the guidance and mentoring should not be underestimated, because start ups usually need this kind of professional support. Accelerator programs provide a team of experts to advice, mentor and guide a fresh start ups.

Interactive roundtables, educational and brainstorming sessions are usually offered by business accelerators, because these programs are structured in a way to clearly support start ups in gaining strategic business success. However, it’s more than important to choose the right accelerator for business start-ups own. First of all, start ups should screen all potential accelerators. Application processes might be very rigorous, it’s important to do one’s due diligence first. Start ups should inform about the group sponsors, are the accelerators able to bring investors and experts to the table etc. Doing an online research is important, as well as talking to previous participants. And, of course, it’s important to find the business accelerator that is in the right industry or vertical that matters to certain business. If start ups do not make sure about these basic things, their business success will not be so real.

*Platform Venture is a Chicago startup accelerator for mid career entrepreneurs working with very early stage start-ups to take the idea to product and VC funding level.

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